Welcome to KaidoomGames.com I am a independent developer currently working on my own shooter game project using the Unreal Engine 4, currently I’m working on the mechanics of the game like shooting, inventory, damage etc then I will decide on what genre the game should be, so far the game is true first person and will likely be an a open world environment.

Currently it’s looking like a survival type of game with a rather complex inventory system and advanced weapon customization.
I’m very ambitious about this project and I want to provide an excellent experience to those who play my game, I want to make a game that I would want to play everyday.

About my skills
I’m mainly a programmer I love C++, I started with C# and visual basic and when I got into Unreal engine I decide to learn C++ and since I’m coming from C# the learning process was easy, I feel I can do anything with C++ currently I’m making procedural animation for weapons just form C++ not needing any animation asset and it can be controlled better and more efficiently.

I’m not bad at animation or modelling I can make my way but if this project goes further I might consider involving more people in the development.

Once I feel like the game is in a good spot to be public I will post some videos.